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States' Rights & Free Organic Agriculture
If they're not defended, they're lost.
Ali Ansari - Jan. 6, 2012

This is the Battle Cry of the Republic.
United States! It's up to you to save the world!

A friend of mine the other day offered me an interesting take on our future and how to preserve it. He referred to it, slightly tongue in cheek, as “The ‘United States’ Against Amerika”. I’ve not heard anything like it and it makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve heard. It’s the combining of proven prosperity - offering something tangible, worth defending - with the right to defend it as well as defending the right. I’ll try to make it make sense to you as it does to me.

He said that as he sees it, the two most real issues facing the populace of the United States today are States’ Rights and Free Organic Agriculture - including large scale commercial Hemp production and Medical Marijuana – for Freedom, Prosperity and Health. By not separating them, by looking at States’ Rights and Free Organic Agriculture in combination, one can envision an end to our involvement in war and a formula for peace and prosperity. It is however quite plain by now that we will not regain these liberties, if at all, without much hardship, effort and sacrifice.

(Briefly, because it’s much more lucidly espoused elsewhere)

Only the “United States” Can Stop Amerika

Amerika is rapidly becoming the North America Union (without referendum) with a single currency controlled entirely by the banking elite. Governments are for-profit corporations borrowing and lending federal currency without care for the people. And only the exercising of States’ Rights can stop it. But why would we do that? The Constitutional principle of it alone does not seem to carry enough weight.

Our national government has been totally corrupted by corporate interests and is no longer the servant and defender of the “United States”. The only way to protect our National Sovereignty is to protect our State Sovereignty. 

It is not just our personal and national sovereignty that are at stake. The consequences of losing them are indeed dire, the end result being the entire citizenry held captive by economic and military control wielded by a one-world police state - the unified NAPO (National Police State) Party. Pay it tribute or be an outlaw. It is a privately owned, for-profit prison operation of gargantuan proportions. This is indeed the motivation of the profit-oriented banking class who now own all governments and see all human populace as consumers, tax-payers or criminals; and who, as history has proven, think nothing of genocide and care not a whit for the well-being of the planet or its inhabitants. They pay the meanest of people – for only they would stoop to the mercenary tactics required of them or believe in the creation of the NAPO State – to oppress and murder their fellow human beings in contradiction to all moral teachings and common good sense.

It’s no longer about defending the Constitution. The Constitution, as a template of freedom, defends US, and resides alive and well in the still millions of memories of the fortunate free. What really needs defending is the “United States”. Our National Sovereignty depends upon our State Sovereignty. We are the “United States” – not America. (Here he mentioned something about the difference between a Republic of states and a national Democracy. Maybe later we or someone else can fill in that idea.)

The States from top to bottom, must take back, defend and assert their rights of sovereignty and independence. The States have the right, duty and obligation to abrogate, ignore, defy and nullify any and all force imposed upon them by anyone, including and especially an unconstitutional and outlaw rogue government. Why is it not working?

If governors are elected on the platform of State Sovereignty, the corrupted mayors and police chiefs who are willing to make war on their own people will be compelled to mend their ways or be taken out of office and charged under law with criminal misuse of authority. When the States take back their sovereignty there will be no national militiamen who will consent to wage this unjust war against their own people. We've had our civil war and it did not work. Military oppression within our own borders will and must cease. Why are we not doing this?

Will a state citizenry allow federal police to walk into their governor’s office and take it over? That’s literally what is happening today. Any governor who will not use the state militia to defend the constitutional freedoms of the state citizenry should be removed from office and replaced with one who will. And the same goes for Sheriffs.

The NAPO Party and the National Police State

The word Nazi could be considered an acronym for National Zionism. It’s still the same NAPO state that’s out to take away our personal freedom under God, the One In Whom We Trust.  This is a war of concepts. Don’t forget that Fascist Totalitarianism rose from and was the end and means of the Nazi Party which resulted from the embracing of a concept whose ostensible goal was benevolence and collective prosperity for all, and that concept was National Socialism.  This is exactly what the governing powers of our nation are imposing upon us right now.

There are, however, two major differences between US and pre-war Germany. We, the people of the “United States”, have benefited from the experience of Freedom under a just and divinely established Constitution – we know how freedom works; and we have a large and overwhelmingly powerful body of Separate and Autonomous States capable of defending themselves and creating national change; whereas they did not.

The “United States” Cannot Go Wrong! 

What is discovered by the citizenry of one state to be right and beneficial to its populace will soon be implemented by the citizenry of the other states. We can rise again to a constructive and beneficial leadership in the world. It is not so long ago that we were loved. The “United States” can elect a new government that can be loved and respected throughout the world. The national police will not harm the goodness of their own people. (That’s why foreign armies are being hired by our government to train and practice on American soil; a clearly illegal and unconstitutional activity.) Rather they will join with them, returning to their home state militias to honor their oath and promise to defend our people against all aggressors, both foreign and domestic. They will join in the prosperity and freedom, depose and prosecute the criminal warlords who tried to enslave us, and put the minority in prison instead of the majority. (Amerika currently has five percent of the world’s population with twenty-five percent of the world’s prisoners; with a majority for victimless and non-violent hemp related “crimes”.)


Health and Prosperity are Synonymous

State Sovereignty means financial independence. Hemp markets and Free Organic Agriculture are the means. That is why there is such a crackdown on both of them by the national police under directives from the federal Government financed by corporate interests.

Health is a manifestation of attitude. If prosperity seems impossible, people become depressed and blame it on themselves. After all, who wants to live in a depressed world? It is well documented by state level research in California that a free hemp market can revive both health and prosperity. Hemp Rights (Free Organic Agriculture) and State’s Rights are synonymous.

So gear up your state militias and be prepared to defend your hemp markets (all kinds for all uses). For therein lies the key to financial salvation. An independent and prospering state can offer prosperity to its citizenry, obviating the financial oppression that forces them into mercenary service. Oh, and by the way, free yourselves from the clutches of the modern medical industry in the process.

And that, said my friend, is how the true people of the “United States” can take back their autonomy legally and swiftly.


The key and most important aspect underlying the hidden agenda of the New World Order is a systematic destruction of the United States in the name of defending the nation, which is themselves. This is because they know that it is only the “United States” (US) that can stop the New World Order. No other country can. The responsibility for the outcome of this battle rests squarely on the broad shoulders of the citizens of the “United States” who must be willing to assert with a unified force of arms the States’ Rights against incursion in any form as defended by our Constitution.

Terror exists only in the hearts of the guilty. These genocidal criminals know that they are guilty under American, International and Human Law. That’s why they wish to destroy it under the guise of reforming it completely out of existence. What they do not see however, is that in trying to prevent their inevitable destruction and punishment they are creating the very circumstances that must lead to their own destruction and punishment. As always, evil is fighting a losing battle.

What has happened to the tyrants of all countries throughout history when the people finally got Fed Up and took back their power to decide in their own favor rather than in the favor of the elitists and the wealthy? They came to justice and that is certainly what will happen to this criminal band of mortals sooner or later, one way or another. The ways of the wicked lead only to hell, in one form or another, and, as Ernie Pile said, “War is hell”.

Terror is an illusion created in and by the hearts of the guilty. They know who they are and therefore must create an enemy to divert the blame from themselves. It’s simple child psychology 101 all over again. Innocence and righteousness are their only fear. For them, the innocent who live only for love and honesty are the terrorists. Just like cheating kids fear being discovered by their parents. Justice is the last thing they want because they know they are guilty and are desperately, to the point of collaborative genocide, attempting to escape their righteous end.

Stop looking to reform the Federal Government. Stop looking to them for good or for bad. Stop looking to “Defend the Constitution”. We are defended by the Constitution if we do what it says. Focus on defending States’ Rights and developing local economy based on Free Organic Agriculture. We must exercise our States’ Rights or lose them forever.

Only the “United States” can stop the planned global tyranny of this Federal Government.  They are the proven and sworn enemies of humankind and must be stopped, for nothing else will stop them until they reach their destined realization. 
We are responsible.


The reason why States’ Rights has not been recognized as the mean to salvation for the United States and the world is simply that the conspirators, in their long-thought plan to take over control of world resources, realized that only the people exercising States’ Rights could stop them. So they went about impoverishing the American populace both financially and intellectually. (See the 1982 Norman Dodd Interview with G. Edward Griffin). A major part of this planned impoverishment was to force the states to become financially dependent upon the money that only the Government could access freely through allowing the Federal Reserve to print it freely. Financial dependence is the only real leverage that the federal government now holds over the states. Should they dare to exercise their rights of independence, funding will be cut. In this way state governments are bought and paid for by the federal government and will not even entertain the thought of the possibility of exercising their right to autonomy as protected by the Constitution.

It seems simply impossible to reconstruct a state’s economy after so much devastation and indebtedness. But it is not. And, it’s the only way left for the free people of the United States to resist and defeat the incursion into our land by what is essentially a foreign military force made up of citizens in American uniforms theoretically paid by American taxes.

Many studies have been done in several states (particularly California) concerning the rapid rate at which a state supported hemp market (all kinds for all uses, as in pre-1938) can revive a state economy and the results are considered not only feasible but necessary and nothing short of miraculous. These studies can be researched and the information brought to bear in the reasoning for exercising States’ Rights.

Economic salvation and prosperity in conjunction with the exercise of States’ Rights is only imaginable if one considers what one is defending (besides personal liberty and civil rights, of course).  If we are defending our sources of livelihood, then it becomes a constitutional as well as human duty. Obviously, if we think of ourselves as poor and without resources, then the possibility of an invasion might actually seem appealing, especially with the promise of unity and financial repair - but at what cost? And that is exactly the point of the now well established and accepted (by all but a few) programs of systematic impoverishment, both intellectual and financial - to leave the people without resource, vulnerable and open to socialist change at the expense of their liberty and with the cost of their willing compliance to totalitarian programming.

So without a program for financial rehabilitation and ongoing prosperity, there are no resources to defend and hence no perceived need to defend States’ Rights.

And that, my friends, is the purpose of the totally destructive and unreasonable federal legislation against the agricultural production of hemp and the use of Medical Marijuana, in spite of the overwhelming evidence and proofs 1) that these laws cause way more problems than they solve and 2) that they are suppressing the truth and oppressing the health and well-being of the people of our country, both financially and physically. That is obviously their purpose. It is no accident that the suppression of Medical Marijuana drives people by hoards into the arms of the medical industry, whose money supports that oppression which is making it rich, and which itself has become a greater threat to the health of the people than disease itself.

The laws of impoverishment created by the oppression of hemp cultivation (as well as Free Organic Agriculture of all kinds) drive the people into the arms of the military to become paid mercenaries capable of turning on their own country people in the name of a foreign power (like the UN). They simply have nowhere else to turn and to think that this is not all by plan is the height of naivete. After all, who has been thinking about these things for the last few hundreds of years if not the Bank and Throne of England, seriously ripped off and pissed off by the American Revolution? Think they just gave it up?

Look into the real reasons why the cultivation of hemp is decreed illegal by our short-sighted and profit-seeking federal government. Hemp could replace Cotton. Hemp could replace Lumber. Hemp could replace Oil. Three of the largest commercial industries in the country. Think they’re just going to let it all go? Only the unrelenting exercise of States’ Rights as demanded by our Constitution in just such circumstances, coupled with the well-defended right to Free Organic Agriculture (all kinds for all uses), can stop the destruction of our country and turn around the encroaching tsunami of poverty perpetuated by federal legislation and military tyranny.

The exercise of States’ Rights becomes necessary when the state is under attack for its resources. Take away its resources and it has no reason to defend. Give it a means to re-establish prosperity and maybe, just maybe, it has a fighting chance.


Among the hidden opinions in favor of the progression of world power, there is most assuredly the one which states: “We’ve done it; we can do it; now is the time for the coup. And the sooner the better so as not to give the states time to rally their forces.

“The war is and always has been against the United States. Other countries are a pushover but if the armed populace of the United States catches on too soon to what we are doing, they will be able to stop us and we will not succeed. Rather, we will be captured, prosecuted and likely be executed or serve our lives in prison for the crimes against humanity we have perpetrated. Therefore, we must get away with this and we can only do that by crushing militarily any possibility of their revival through the exercise of States’ Rights of the Republic and their silly and outdated desire to live freely under their own Constitutional Law.”

Such is the inimical thinking that has been at work for centuries to create the circumstances for that precious moment when a strategically terminal blow can be executed to bring about the economic and military downfall of the United States (in the name of America) . Such is the very description of a coup-d’etat; a fatal blow to the head. It must be the goal and plan of any serious attempt to take power – to kill the enemy once and for all. And the nature of fearful men has not changed all that much.

The passing of SB 1867 was way more than the signing into law of its contents. It was a signal to the NWO that there would be no more resistance from the American politicians – the House and the Senate – to their plans. It is a signal of victory, the go-ahead for the execution of the planned coup; the signal of utter capitulation, agreement and cooperation in hopes of the promised payoffs.

It remains now only to pull it off. And since sooner is better as explained above, what better time than before or during the national election of 2012 – which would of course be thrown to the already established incumbents. So why not simply take now the power necessary to defend the country by martial law, since we are going to have it sooner or later anyway, so sooner is of course better. And they will be securely established by then to successfully quash any trivial and disruptive “Civil Unrest” on the part of the too-little, too-late State Militias in their futile last-ditch efforts to re-establish their now long-lost “Constitutional” Rights.

My prediction (I’m allowed one. We do not have to take it seriously; just see if I’m right) is that the coming coup will occur in December, 2012, Just before the inauguration of our next president, whoever that shall be. It will be a blow to terminate the possibilities of our national and therefore world freedom. All it will take is another 9/11, which is surely in the works, and the “United States”, the only serious contender, will be dead.

There is of course the continuing possibility of a serious counter- coup in which the patriotic military take back the power from the corrupt and despicable politicians and bankers who are presently their masters. After all, in the “United States” the militia has the power. (That’s why their bosses are hiring foreign troops and tearing down the borders between Canada and Mexico – cheap labor and uncaring mercenaries to populate the National Police; cheap uncaring labor for illegal destruction and mercenary force; people who have no concern for Constitutional Freedom and care only about money.) The national and state militias have the power and can choose to be governed rightly or wrongly.

What might be the attitude in the US Military toward Martial Law in the United States - of States and State Militias toward federal incursion into the sovereign territory of their own home states in violation of our accepted constitutional law?


Ushering into reality the understanding of a real two party system will surely help to restore the United States by clarifying the Issue of individual and national survival.

The real political argument is a fight for life between a nationalist democracy supporting and dependent upon an unlimited and tyrannical Government attempting to dominate the world and steal its resources for short-term profit only in an economical paradigm that has no long-term merit and can only bring about the abject decimation of its adherents and the destruction of future possibilities; and the conceptual re-establishment of a Republic of Autonomous Self-governing States whom the Federal Government represents. If the arguers in federal government could give up their petty short-term bickering and align themselves with the only meaningful debate there is in these terminal days, maybe they would see what the real issue-at-hand is and find some sort of unity between them. In any case, the responsibility lies with the American Populace. Do we want a National handout state where the wealth is taken from us and only the barest of pittance returned (if anything at all)? Are we selling our treasures for worthless fiat currency?

It’s clear that the real and emerging polarity is between the opposing forces of freedom and love for individual rights as defined in the US Constitution; and the force of military slavery as declared by martial law under the rule corporate profiteers. The choice is clearly in the hands of the people. Will it be a Constitutional Republic of the United States or a Democracy of National Socialism? If it becomes the latter, it will surely be because the people voted for it. They make themselves democratically responsible for in the hopes of petty gain. Never forget that the foundational freedoms of our country are our God-given rights. If they are not defended they will be taken away. “Were one group of men not opposed by another, wickedness would surely encompass the earth.” 

Are we fighting to defend our Republic of the United States or are we arguing for the so-called democratic nationalization of resources under one corporate rule. It’s clear that the latter intends the total destruction of the former.

Such is the gist of what my friend said. My feeling is that if this particular combination of useful freedoms were more widely heard, expounded upon and understood as a potential for our future, especially by the multitude of citizens with good influence, then this very practical reasoning might become sufficient incentive to overcome the dominant lethargy of hopelessness that threatens our entire way of life.

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An overview of the early subversion of America

Anti-Federalists, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and others skeptical of a centralized federal government were also raising alarm bells at the prospect of a centralized Bank of the United States shortly after the Constitution was approved and ratified by the states. Alexander Hamilton and the elite banking and financial establishment in America, working on behalf of and in collusion with international financial interests centered around the Jewish banking families in London and other major European capitals, "represented a tiny minority within the overall populace" who "had somehow managed to engineer a hostile takeover of the fledgling American republic and were now poised to consolidate their control to the detriment of all the ordinary citizens, mostly farmers, the true lifeblood of the nation," writes Ellis (pg. 170).

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How was the term "fifth column" coined?

Dear Yahoo!: How was the term "fifth column" coined?

Great question! According to, a fifth column refers to any clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation's solidarity.

Who came up with the phrase, and what's with the columns? Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), originally coined the term. As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his "fifth column," intent on undermining the loyalist government from within.

So the fifth column is a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders. Recent conflicts have had their fifth columns: Iraqi insurgents in the Gulf War, Cuban rebels in the Bay of Pigs. Those columns didn't fare quite as well.

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"American capitalism, based as it is on exploitation of the poor, with its fundamental motivation in personal greed, simply cannot survive without force -- without a secret police force. Now, more than ever, each of us is forced to make a conscious choice whether to support the system of minority comfort and privilege with all its security apparatus and repression, or whether to struggle for real equality of opportunity and fair distribution of benefits for all of society, in the domestic as well as the international order. It's harder now not to realize that there are two sides, harder not to understand each, and harder not to recognize that like it or not we contribute day in and day out either to the one side or to the other." -- Philip Agee, CIA Diary, p597

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"I again recommend a law prohibiting all corporations from contributing to the campaign expenses of any party.... Let individuals contribute as they desire; but let us prohibit in effective fashion all corporations from making contributions for any political purpose, directly or indirectly."Teddy Roosevelt added,"The fortunes amassed through corporate organization are now so large, and vest such power in those that wield them, as to make it a matter of necessity to give to the sovereign -- that is, to the Government, which represents the people as a whole -- some effective power of supervision over their corporate use. In order to insure a healthy social and industrial life, every big corporation should be held responsible by, and be accountable to, some sovereign strong enough to control its conduct." -- Theodore Roosevelt